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About Constitutional Attorney Van Irion

Constitutional lawyer, Constitutional attorneyVan Irion is the lead counsel and founder of Liberty Legal Foundation. Van is a Constitutional attorney, admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. He is also a Patent attorney, adjunct Law Professor at the University of Tennessee, former medical researcher, published scientist, and former Republican candidate for Congress for TN03. Van was endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul in his Congressional campaign along with former Reagan White House staff and speech writers.

Unlike most attorneys, Van refuses to begin legal arguments with the presumption that all court precedent is correct. Van always starts his legal analysis with the Constitution. Van’s vision for Liberty Legal is based upon the idea that a handful of historic cases have served to destroy our country by undermining the intent of the Constitution. In order to take our country back to a Constitutional Republic, Van seeks to reverse the flawed precedent that expanded the authority of the Federal government and diminished the liberties of the States and the People. Both the Obamacare Class Action and the Immigration Class Action include arguments aimed at overturning flawed precedent.

Michele Bachmann, tea party, constitution

Van and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann meet to discuss issues

Congressman Steve King, repeal Obamacare, Constitution

Van meeting with Congressman Steve King to discuss the repeal of Obamacare

Judge Napolitano, Fox News, Constitution

Van interviews with The Judge on FOXNews’ Freedom Watch

Ann Coulter, Conservative, Speeches

Van with Ann Coulter at the National Fiscal Conservative PAC Dinner

Judge Roy Moore, 10th Amendment, Constitution

Van with Judge Roy Moore at 10th Amendment Summit

Tea Party, 9-12 march, washington dc

Van and Family at the 9/12/09 march in DC.

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