Young Adult Books

Popular Themes in Young Adult Books
Young adult books are becoming increasingly popular and part of the reason being is due to the kinds of themes that authors of these types of books write about. Here are three popular themes found in these books.

The theme of identity is used so that readers can identify with a character and their emotions. Since most young adults are still trying to figure out who they are and what their purpose in life is, it’s no surprise that identity is a common theme throughout young adult books at qbd.

Familial Struggles
Another common theme in young adult books is familial struggles or family issues. Whether the main character’s parents are going through a divorce, the family is enduring hardship or financial struggles, or there is intense sibling rivalry going on, familial struggles are most likely something readers of young adult books can relate to.

Once thought of as a problem kids endured in school, bullying has become widespread thanks to the internet and social media. Some kids and young adults become so tormented by bullies they have taken their own lives. Because it has become such a major problem, the theme has found its way into many young adult books.

Other popular themes include:
Drug and/or alcohol abuse

If you are an avid reader of young adult books, chances are it contained one or more of the above themes.

Fiction Books

Fiction Books

Fiction Books – Still a Popular Literary Genre
Truth may be stranger than fiction, as the saying goes; but, fiction has “staying power” because it projects truths within a fictional story. Fiction books transport readers to places they may never chance to visit and help readers to meet conflicts and obstacles through plots and characterizations. The most popular fictions books today are replete with conspiracies, intrigue and radicalized characters. Most of these are based on true-to-life incidents, events and people. This is why fiction books remain a popular literary genre.

Fiction Readers
For lovers of QBD fiction books, there is a broad spectrum from which to choose. Often, the mood of readers’ determines the type of fiction books they purchase. For example, travelers tend to purchase fiction books on the fly in airport bookstores. Like many non-travelers, the most popular fiction books are in the horror genre, owing to the fact that individuals loved to be scared. Next is the science fiction and fantasy genre, crime and mystery, spiritual and religious and romance and erotica. Demographics also play a large role in the purchase of fictional genres. In the UK and Europe, mysteries tend to be more in demand than in the U.S., where espionage and horror are preferred.

How Fiction Books Have Changed
With the advent of eBooks, purchasing fiction online through websites has risen in popularity. These electronically published fiction works can be downloaded to desktop and laptop computers or via smart phones through the convenience of eBook apps.